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Monday, 13 December 2010

Mammography Appointments Available for LBT community on Saturday, December 11th

Join Us

Mobile Mammography, Breast exams and Pap tests

Saturday, December 11th, 9-3pm

The Wild Rose

1115 East Pike St Seattle, WA 98122

December has arrived and we are pleased to offer our third LBT focused screening of the year at the Wildrose on Saturday, December 11th with the coach from Swedish Breast Center.  Call  or email for information or an appointment and please let your loved ones know of our services and encourage them to attend.

Think of this as the greatest gift you can give to yourself!

    * Community-based mobile screening.
    * No-cost mammograms, pap tests and breast exams for income eligible individuals 40 and over, who are un- or underinsured.
    * Individuals with insurance are welcome.

We thank Martha and Shelley from the Wildrose, for their generosity and for opening their doors for us.
We look forward to seeing you on December 11th.

Ingrid Berkhout




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