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Monday, 11 April 2011

Join the fight! Participate in a breast cancer research study!


The Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation and the Avon Foundation for Women, a global leader in breast cancer research, joined forces to launch the Love/Avon Army of Women. It is their goal to recruit one million healthy women of every age and ethnicity, including breast cancer survivors and women at high-risk for the disease, to partner with breast cancer researchers and directly participate in the research that will eradicate breast cancer once and for all.

The Army of Women is currently recruiting Black/African American women living in the United States who are newly diagnosed with breast cancer for the first time (stage I, II, or III) to participate in a study. This study will look at why there are differences in breast cancer treatment experiences between Black/African American women and White/European American women in the United States - this study is called "Protocol for Narrowing the Gap in Adjuvant Therapy," or the Gap Study.

African American women are more likely to die of breast cancer than Caucasian women, even though fewer African American women are getting breast cancer each year and screening use has improved. This difference has gotten worse over the past 20 years. This Gap Study was designed to gather the information needed to better understand the differences in breast cancer treatment experiences between Black/African American Women and White/European American Women. The researchers want to know more about how to improve the survival rates of women with breast cancer.

Participants in the Gap Study will be asked to complete a 30-40 minute telephone survey about your health related experiences and to allow your medical records to be reviewed by the doctor. If you are interested in participating in this study or know someone who might be, please visit the Army of Women website. Or, if you think you might be eligible for other studies, please take a look at other current projects.

The Army of Women is dedicated to representing all women in research so that the research results will apply to all women. They encourage all women to get involved. Breast cancer has been around for decades, but it does not have to be our future. We can be the generation that stops breast cancer once and for all by figuring out what causes this disease and how to prevent it! This is YOUR chance to be part of the research that will end breast cancer.

Excerpted from Health Access - YWCA with permission.


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