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Friday, 10 June 2011

Tarot Readings at the 13th Annual LBTQ Rainbow Health Fair

We pride ourselves on having a range of modalities at the annual LBGT Rainbow Health Fair.  We are pleased to be offering tarot readings by talented Bev Bryant.  Thank you Bev for joining our team of Peer Providers!   

Bev Bryant fell in love with the mysteries and secrets of the Tarot over 20 years ago making it her forever study. She has been reading Tarot Cards professionally for over 15 years.

Tarot readings can help give guidance and be used for decision-making and guidance in financial matters, relationships or careers.

Bev is also a Hypnotherapist. She has 3 CD’s, Weight Control, Relaxation and Bruxism, (teeth grinding). She is a Minister and does Weddings.

Please visit Bev’s website at:
Or call Bev at: 425-238-7894


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