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Friday, 16 September 2011

A supportive environment makes a difference for health care services

We always appreciate feedback from those that attend any of our health screenings or fairs.  We want to make the experience the best possible for the attendees and the providers.  We received this letter from a peer provider that benefitted from the services in an unexpected way. 

I attended the Rainbow Health Fair this Gay Pride in 2011. I was a volunteer in my specialty, and enjoyed reaching out to the public in that way. I also experienced as a first-time presenter the support of a whole community of women who were supporting other women in becoming more healthy, and that was a beautiful thing. For myself, getting a blood sugar test in that supportive environment enabled me to take the news that I was in the early stages (or mild anyhow) of pre-diabetes in a good way, and do something about it. I was told that it was nothing losing 20 pounds couldn't fix, and that I could do it.
I have since intensified my workout at the gym and have lost (8-29, so two months later) 8 pounds and am not done yet. I feel much healthier and I also feel supported by a wonderful community of women who wish me well. The news that my blood sugar was questionable had previously been given to me by a clinic in a way which I did not find supportive or motivating to change or even clear.


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