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Friday, 7 October 2011

Wildrose Breast Cancer Memorial Wall October 7 - 11

We are gearing up for our next mobile mammography screening at the Wildrose on December 10th and are always pleased to see creative ideas that support women and breast health.  Sometimes Facebook says it best as is the case on the WildRose's page.

The Wildrose, Seattle’s premier Lesbian destination venue for over a quarter of a century is currently experiencing some construction. The floor typically used for the DJ booth and dance floor has been overtaken with a false wall which shields the construction activities and allows the joint to stay open for business. A side-effect of this is a huge plywood wall. The ladies at The Wildrose have dreamt up a brilliant use for this wall! Starting tomorrow (Friday, October 7), this wall will become “The Wildrose Breast Cancer Memorial Wall”.

The wall will be painted over in solid pink, and from tomorrow at 6PM until Tuesday (October 11) at close, patrons, Breast Cancer supporters and survivors and everyone in between will be able to come to The Wildrose and contribute to “The Wildrose Breast Cancer Memorial Wall”. Participants can contribute a name of someone precious to them who has passed, a thought relevant to the Breast Cancer struggle, or a note of hope for those immersed in the Breast Cancer battle. It’s all welcome! There will also be a donation box at the wall where people who can afford to can leave donations. On Tuesday at closing time, The Wildrose will collect the box, count the donations, MATCH the donations, and all donations will go to Gilda’s Club.

You would think that would be enough, but that’s not all! After Tuesday, when the deadline for contributions to the wall has come to pass, the wall will be painted over in clear coat in order to preserve what is there. When the walls come down, they will be stored until it’s time for Gay Pride. They will be erected again, perhaps with additional panels, in the famous Wildrose Beer Garden. People will again be able to contribute and add to “The Wildrose Breast Cancer Memorial Wall”. This will become an annual component to the programming of Wildrose’s Pride festivities. Eventually, all of the fencing erected to secure the area that makes up The Wildrose Beer Garden will proudly display this living memorial. The ladies at The Wildrose couldn’t think of a prettier sight.


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