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Monday, 5 April 2010

Battle of the Bulge - Addressing the Bulge from Hibernation

So Philadelphia's weather is certainly summer-like. It enables us to shed our coats and problem solve in shedding our hibernation-induced pounds. Having most recently been overwhelmed by chocolate temptations, how do we start?
Well, first we need to see the linkages between the temptations and the behavior. Bored? Locked into an activity (like studying?) Too accessible? Down in the dumps or anxious? If you shut the (mouth) gate on temptations without addressing the cause, you'll likely be disappointed at your backsliding. So plan ahead.
Here's some tips:  1. You don't likely eat what you don't buy - dejunk your home. If all you have are carrots, well, that's what you'll nosh on.
2. Figure out the underlying issues. Bored? Try breaking up your routine. Even rearranging furniture can sometimes help. Locked in? Schedule a time to 'come up for air' - take yourself for a 15 minute walk. Bummed out? Spend time finding out why and scheduling things you enjoy (silly TV show that makes you laugh; time with a friend) Anxious? Find activities that help center you.
3. Exercise more. Even do chores or activities that get things done AND gets you exercise.
4. Here's ten more tips for healthier eating.
5. General pointer on reading a food label.


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