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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Laughter Yoga Classes

For those of you that were able to attend the LBT Rainbow Health Fair we enjoyed a wonderful 'laughter circle'.  Even in the short time we practiced laughing, many of us felt we benefited from practicing laughing and experiencing the joy that laughter brings in any form.  Laughing just makes one feel good!

The Phinney Neighborhood Center offers a laughter yoga class on the 2nd Tuesday's taught by Teresa Verde based on the model that laughter has health benefits.  The Laughter Yoga class provides:

    an explanation of the tremendous health benefits, how laughter and humor are highly effective coping mechanisms, the role of laughter in the workplace and even how smiling is beneficial; followed by a joyous laughter session consisting of gentle stretching, yoga-type deep breathing and playful laughter exercises.

Like all Yoga's, Laughter Yoga practices a combination of gentle stretching, yoga-type breathing, chanting and only differs by including laughter exercises. Yoga is a body/mind/spirit connection that leaves you feeling better after the class.  You need to bring to class a willingness to laugh for no reason and water. Check out the article on One Thousand Laughs in The New Yorker August 30th issue.

Phinney Laughter Club $5 class fee

2nd Tuesday of the month at 7 pm

Phinney Neighborhood Center

6532 Phinney Ave North, Seattle.

No pre-registration required.

Just drop in when you feel the need for more laughter in your life.

'Our sessions last approximately 50 minutes, beginning with a brief introduction and followed by gentle stretching, yoga type deep breathing and a series of playful laughter exercises'.

For more information contact Teresa at 206-784-9776 or onethousandlaughs@yahoo.comThanks to Phinney Neighborhood Center and One Thousand Laughs for this information.

Wishing you good health, 
Ms T


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