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Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Mammography Coach at Wildrose Bar on December 11th


We are excited to be having our second LBT focused screening at the Wildrose on December 11th.  Last year we had so much fun as it was the same day as the Santa Claus Pub Crawl.  There were hundreds of happy Santa Clauses dressed in a range of outfits wandering on the streets of Capitol Hill.  It added to a very festive day and this year we should experience the same fun as it looks like the Santa Claus Pub Crawl is scheduled the second Saturday's in December.

We served 16 clients last year and we would love to serve more this year!  We offered a small survey to find the topics people were interested in and found they were: health insurance, affordable housing, employment programs, educational opportunities, LBT health and nutrition.  We will repeat the survey this year adding some additional questions that will help us to serve you better.  It will be interesting to see the difference a year makes.

We thank Martha and Shelley from the Wildrose, for their generosity and for opening their doors for us.  It is the community members like Martha and Shelley that support our program so we can support our community.  We look forward to seeing you on December 11th.

December 11th

9am - 3 pm

1115 East Pike St

Mobile Mammography, Breast Exams and Pap Tests

  * No-cost mammograms, pap tests and breast exams for eligible individuals 40 and over
    * Community-based mobile screenings. To make your appointment now, contact or Ingrid Berkhout.

Ingrid Berkhout
Women’s Health Outreach Program Manager

To good health,

Ms T


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