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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Thank you, Volunteers!

Many thanks to our lovely volunteers for putting together a fabulous 14th Annual LBTQ Rainbow Health Fair!

Without your support, we could not have pulled this together.

Terr got our Rainbow Health Fair Committee started this year, and created the Google Site we used to stay organized. Liz led the charge on developing our magnificent health fair poster. Mary and Sam spearheaded our fundraising efforts, raising a total of $1,900! Sara Jay provided critical feedback during planning sessions and did some wonderful outreach. Jen was the "Logisitics Wizard" - not an easy role to play! Sam also played an important administrative role in the committee.

We also had six volunteers who helped create a sign for the health fair, managed the music, worked the front desk, helped set up and break down, and more!

Many thanks to all who made a contribution!


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