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Thursday, 27 June 2013

More Providers at the Rainbow Women's Health Fair!

The Rainbow Women's Health Fair is this Saturday, June 29th from noon to 4pm! Come stop by All Pilgrims Church on Broadway for free health modalities!
See our most recent blog posts for lists of the providers that are participating, including these fabulous folks:
Safer Sex
Seattle Girls of Leather are a tremendous part of the Rainbow Women's Health Fair! Look for them at the front entrance of the Rainbow, where they will be greeting attendees with delicious snacks. Inside, halth care professional Candace Cantrell, President of Seattle Girls of Leather, will be answering questions about safer sex. Candace has many years of professional and personal exSeattle Girls of Leatherperiences in alternative sexuality communities, making her a dynamic educator.
B.E.S.T. Energy Healing

Linda Rasmussen, an Elite Master of B.E.S.T.  Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique), will be doing a demonstration and providing B.E.S.T. treatment.  B.E.S.T. is a gentle, light touch, energy balancing treatment that promotes relaxation and improves whole body functioning. Linda has a private practice and conducts workshops to train individuals and parents to provide basic energy balancing support to their family members and friends.
YWCA Women's Health Outreach conducts a mobile mammogram screening for income eligible people 40 and over, who are un- or under insured, under the WBCCHP . The mobile mammogram coach from Swedish Hospital will be on site providing breast exams and pap tests.
HIV Information

Entre Hermanos will be providing HIV/AIDS education specifically for the Latino/a community. They will be providing culturally appropriate information about disease prevention, education, support services, advocacy and community building.
We have several acupuncturists coming to the Rainbow!
Andrew Ball is a volunteer with The Alternative Health Access Campaign. Andrew runs acupuncture clinics for both Tent City 3 and ROOTS, providing medical care to the homeless population of Seattle and surrounding suburbs. His style of healthcare is focused on empowering patients to be able to better take care of themselves physically, mentally, and energetically.
Taunya Mattson will be doing a five needle protocol that is used in acupuncture detoxification, and by acupuncturists without borders for stress relief in populations struck by natural disaster.  These needles are non-invasive, help with relaxation, and provide a safe introduction to what acupuncture can do.
Jonathan Silliman is an East Asian Medicine Practitioner, specializing in stress relief, sleep disturbance, and emotional equilibrium. At the fair, he will be offering ear/head/hand acupuncture as well as some clothed Shiatsu massage.
Dianna Dean celebrates 10 years as an acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist for the queer community.  She specializes in chronic health concerns from pain conditions, respiratory, gastroenterology, and menopause, to addictions, stress, depression and other psycho emotional issues. 
Pap Tests
Cedar River Cinic is providing FREE Pap tests! This will be the first year that we are able to offer this at the Rainbow. Dr. Jules Marsh from Cedar River along with Kara Harrington, ARNP student, and Amy Boone, ARNP, from Westside Family Clinic are generously offering their time to do the Paps.

The Grinning Yogi will be doing a 45-minute yoga workshop from 1:15-2pm. Come join them upstairs for a relaxing and fun session of yoga!
Blood Pressure
Morgan Manalia, a nursing student at Seattle University, will be taking blood pressure readings and answering questions about blood pressure.

Glucose and Cholesterol Screenings

Katie Lama is a nurse with SeaMar Home Health. She also does work through the Mexican consulate to provide screenings like the glucose and cholesterol screenings that she will be providing at the Rainbow. Katie has worked with the queer and trans populations for decades and is excited to provide glucose and cholesterol screenings for attendees of the health fair.
Nutrition Information
Barbara Hoppe will be tabling at the Rainbow giving folks information about nutrition. Barbara is a nutritionist, health educator, and lactation consultant. She has a great deal of experience teaching about healthy eating and healthy lifestyles. Come visit her table to learn more!
Nutrition Demonstration
Golda will be doing a nutrition demonstration in the kitchen. Join her to learn how to make a healthful and nutritious smoothie!

Breast Cancer Information
Doris Harris from the Breast Cancer Navigation Project will tabling and providing information on how to navigate the complex experience of having breast cancer.
Check Your Boobies will have an information table about their program. Stop by to learn how to sign up for monthly email or text reminders to check your boobies!



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