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Thursday, 13 June 2013

Who's Who at the Rainbow Women's Health Fair, Part 2!

Everest College is generously bringing six massage students to do free massages for folks at the Rainbow! Everest College focuses on high-demand, specialized curricula and is dedicated to the provision of an interactive learning environment created to support the professional career development of their students.
Health Care Reform
Community Health Plan of Washington will be providing information about their services. They are a non-profit whose mission is to deliver accessible managed care services which meet the needs and improve the health of the community. Community Health Plan of Washington is the only health plan in the state created by local community centers.
Hepatitis C Testing
The Hepatitis Education Project (HEP) will be giving free Hepatitis C tests! HEP is committed to providing support, education and advocacy for people affected by hepatitis and to helping raise hepatitis awareness among patients, medical providers, and the general public.
Pet Adoption
MEOW Cat Rescue and Adoption will be providing information about their adoption services. They promote lifelong relationships between people and companion animals, providing shelter and care for each precious life until adopted into a forever home.
Tarot Reading
Marcia Moonstar from Moon-Wise Astrology will be at the Rainbow doing mini-astrology and tarot readings! Marcia has been a practicing astrologer for over 20 years, blending mythology, experiential astrology, women's spirituality, and holistic healing with astrology. She gives clients insight into their career potentials and future possibilities.
Heart Health
Look for Hayley Grandine from The Hope Heart Institute at the Rainbow! Hayley focuses on providing heart health outreach to a variety of populations within the greater Seattle area. She will be giving out heart health information and resources to prevent heart disease.
HIV Peer Support
The fabulous BABES Network-YWCA will be answering questions about HIV/AIDS, providing education about prevention and how to manage your status, and handing out condoms! BABES is a sisterhood of women facing HIV together; they are a peer education and support network for women living with HIV.
HIV Testing
Amber Tejada from Gay City Health Project is providing free and confidential HIV tests! These rapid tests give results only 20 minutes after they are taken. Gay City is the leading provider of HIV and STI testing in King County.
Naturopathic Blood Pressure
Les Witherspoon, who is a naturopathic physician at Well Steps Naturopathic, is coming to the Rainbow to give blood pressure readings and brief consultations for health conditions. Les offers naturopathic primary care that is sensitive to the needs of LGBTQ individuals and their families and households. Les offers transgender individals transitional medicine as well as general healthcare.
Along with Journey Midwife Services (see our previous provider post on this blog), Simon Adriane Ellis and Laura MacPherson from Essential Healthcare and Midwifery Services are coming to the Rainbow. They pride themselves on providing quality care that is affordable, accessible, and culturally responsive. In addition to care during pregnancy and birth, they offer fertility services and reproductive care across the lifespan. They will be giving information about their services at the Rainbow.


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