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Monday, 16 September 2013

Today is Female Condom Day!

Female condoms are the lesser known and used version of the male counterpart. When used effectively, planned parenthood estimates that 5 out of 100 women will get pregnant (This is compared to the 98% effectiveness of male condoms, but many also use male condoms incorrectly.) They also are effective in protection against STDs. Female condoms benefit women by allowing them to take greater control of their sex lives without using any type of hormone treatment. While both partners should be willing to agree on a method of protection, female condoms can eliminate the "too small, too tight, no feeling" discussion that sometimes comes along with using men's condoms. 

One interesting benefit of the female condom is that it can be inserted ahead of time. Therefore, there is no period of stopping to find a condom that also deters users at times. This advanced usage allows the female condom to adjust to a woman's body temperature for a more "natural" feel. 

Many women are deterred from usage because they do not know how to use a female condom. Physicians should make sure that when discussing birth control and safe sex measures, patients are not only informed of their options but know proper usage. Also, if you yourself are sexually active, make sure YOU know proper utilization for any methods of protection you choose! 

Happy Female Condom Day!

More information on female condoms and usage:


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