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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Women's Health Scholars: The Basics


The Women's Health Scholars Program has been getting a lot of attention lately and we are very excited about all of your interest! So for those who do not know and for those who need a refresher, Here is a quick breakdown the Women's Health Scholars Program. You will earn the official title of "Women's Health Scholar" if you complete four requirements during your time a DUCOM:

1. Complete the WH Seminar Series Elective [Available for first and second year students] - You must attend at least 8 seminars in one year and fill out an evaluation form for each seminar attended. Seminars you have gone to in year one cannot roll over to be completed in year two. For more info on seminar series click here 

2. Make a Women's Health Education Resource by creating either a bulletin board, newsletter or brochure. 

3. Community Education / Outreach - You must spend at least 15 hours demonstrating leadership in a community based environment. 

4. Scholarly paper - You will compose a 15-20 page paper on a specific women's health topic. 

For those of you who are interested in learning more, upcoming we will be holding a Women's Health Scholars info session (still TBA). We will be sending an email out with details to all first and second year students. The info session will describe the requirements in greater detail and give a general timeline so you can begin to assess if this is something you would like to do. If so, you will work further with WHEP to craft your own personal plan of action. 

Continue to look for more information here and in your mailbox! 

To read the official WH Scholars document click here


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